Stories of Healing: Experiences with HMB

With each message, email, phone call, and text, we experience and hear the results from customers dealing with a myriad of different health conditions. Endless stories of healing and significant improvements in quality of life continue to pour in. Here are just a few:

With each message, email, phone call, and text, we experience and hear the results from customers dealing with a myriad of different health conditions. The HMB team is reminded daily of the importance of ethically and responsibly advancing the profound healing properties of cannabinoids through the miracle of nature. Endless stories of healing and significant improvements in quality of life continue to pour in.

Here are just a few:

Eric’s Story, Cerbral Palsy

“Another mountain climbed thanks to HMB! I am still amazed at the benefits I am seeing. No other product has even come close to this level of relief!”

From a cerebral palsy client, Eric

Lela’s Story, Skin Condition

“I applied a second coat of Soothing Herbal Balm before my makeup and went through my school day. Got home from tutoring about 7:00ish, after my shower, my eyelids are back to normal. I’m amazed!! Thank you so much! I’ve fought this outbreak for weeks and am so relieved it’s healed!”

From skin condition client, Lela

Leticia’s Story, Chronic Pain

I want to tell you how happy and thankful I am with God and you!!! My husband has no more hernia pain since Saturday. He fills the bump but no more pain!”

From chronic pain client, Leticia

Akwi’s Story, Registered Nurse

“It’s helped me with my high energy and demand job and keeps me healthy, balanced, and calms my recovering chemically burned hands. I’ve never had relief in my hands and it’s been a 3-year journey. The skin is more intact and has more strength. It’s a beautiful product. Thank you for all that you do. It’s quite an impact you’ve already made in my little world.”

From registered nurse, Akwi

Roger’s Story, Musculoskeletal Pain

“In my father-in-law’s words, ‘One of the greatest products he’s ever used!’ I purchased the Freeze Roll-On for his back pain which was making him really uncomfortable in the past few weeks. This totally eased his pain and gave him much-needed relief. It neither has an unpleasant smell nor leaves an oily texture. Also, gives you a nice warm feeling on the applied areas. It helps my father-in-law get a better night’s sleep. It comes in a nice size and totally worth the money. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!”

From musculoskeletal pain client, Roger

Do You Want a Story of Healing?

But don’t take their word for it, grab your Hemp Mind & Body today and see what all the hype is about, we promise you won’t regret it! HMB products are guaranteed to be safe and high-quality products always.


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  1. HMB’s packaging and presentation are top shelf.
    The presentation alone gives me confidence that what is on the bottle is actually in the bottle.
    Not only are the products supported by approved safety and quality documentation, but the products work!

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