Nature’s Sleep Capsules | 750mg ISO-Cannabinoid CBD

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Nature’s Sleep Capsules with 750mg ISO-Cannabinoid CBD

Insomnia is a thing of the past! HMB’s Sleep Capsules deliver a synergistic blend of adaptogen herbs, melatonin, passion flower, jujube fruit, and 25mg of medical-grade ISO-Cannabinoid CBD. Each capsule deploys clinically proven time-released technology allowing the ingredient to be absorbed in the small intestines after a 45-minute delay.

HMB’s proprietary herbal blend helps the body detoxify while sleeping. Waking up feeling rested and refreshed is just a click away!

  • Melatonin: “Melatonin is a hormone that your brain produces in response to darkness. It helps with the timing of your circadian rhythms (24-hour internal clock) and with sleep. Being exposed to light at night can block melatonin production.” NCBI
    • Consequently, a supplement of Melatonin may help you get a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Passion Flower: “Native peoples of the Americas used passionflower as a sedative.” “Passionflower is promoted as a dietary supplement for anxiety and sleep problems, as well as for pain, heart rhythm problems, menopausal symptoms, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.” NCBI
    • With its rich history as a relaxant, Passion Fruit may help you get that great night’s sleep you’ve dreamt of.
  • CBD: “May hold promise for REM sleep behavior disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness, while nabilone may reduce nightmares associated with PTSD and may improve sleep among patients with chronic pain.” NCBI
    • Therefore CBD may be a great sleep aid for you if you are looking for a more natural solution to your sleep issue.

Above all, we ensure the highest quality hemp extract you will find on the market. To learn more about our CBD standards, click here.

Nature’s Sleep Capsules Ingredients

Melatonin, Passion Flower, Licorice Root, Jujube Fruit, Cellulose (Plant Origin), Hypromellose, ISO-Cannabinoid (THC Free) CBD Hemp Extract.

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